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BTC Address : 39L1f67fCRJ8A12s9wUD916HWGuECRVVu5

Who we are

We’ve been writing on cyber security and info-tech collectively for two decades. We have previous Forex trading experience and have been covering the blockchain and crypto industries for the past year on Medium. We will continue to bring current and relevant information within this industry regardless of our readers levels.

The Bullish is a community built by its writers, readers, and contributors.️

What we do at

We find educational stories for business, finance, tech and crypto related content. Talk to writers, read stories, and help writers to make stories better, categorize them, curate them and share them with the world. We ❤️ our writers and readers.

Why we do it

Education and industry adoption of decentralized technology and blockchain technology is our goal. Finance should be something everyone should be educated and not believe the FUD and misinformation that surrounds the industry. You will only find original content on The Bullish.

What we need

We are a Non-profit publication, We need your help to run this publication so we don’t have to worry about our finances. If you like to read The Bullish, you can donate us.

Our Donation addresses-

BTC Address : 39L1f67fCRJ8A12s9wUD916HWGuECRVVu5

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