How to get published on The Bullish Publication?

  • Send me your draft/story at
  • We will add you as a writer on the publication
  • Once added, you can submit your draft/story using the following steps.
  1. Go to your story
  2. Bottom right on your story there will be 3 dots. Click on them.
  3. You will see “Add to publication”
  4. Select The Bullish and submit

Why we at The Bullish care

We’ve done affiliate marketing since 2015. We’ve also written and shared knowledge for the past 20 years and finally decided to make a publication. The purpose of the publication is to create a knowledge repository for decentralized technologies and its new economy. There are many other niche industries that surround it. We work with many writers to bring you the best and most relevant information.

The Bullish is a non-profit publication that thrives on its writers and readers. if you ❤️ reading The Bullish you can donate to us.

What we publish?

We publish content related to business, finance, tech and crypto-related educational content,

  • Tech Tutorials, development stories
  • Ideas, Insights and futuristic view on Decentralized technologies
  • Crypto/Token economics
  • Project insights and analysis (Educational content only)
  • Crypto trading strategies (Educational content only)
  • Opinion pieces related to above

❌ No news and flashy articles❌

✔️ Original content (Written for you) ✔️

Have you written something useful within what we publish? Mail us, do not hesitate.

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