Bitcoin in the Future —Here Are the Top 15 Experts Predictions

What will happen to Bitcoin in the future? Does Bitcoin have a future at all? And what will Bitcoin be worth in 2020 and beyond? Sure, holders of cryptocurrencies are always looking for price predictions. Just the other day, we wrote about the current situation of blockchain technology.

Today we’d like to talk about the giant of the financial crypto market in detail. The future of the cryptocurrency that made the FIAT financial markets and the banks shake. Do you own Bitcoin already? Or maybe you just thought about investing in bitcoin? How about any other cryptocurrency? Never mind, we’ll keep you covered. Read all about the current status and future pricing predictions. We’ve asked the top 15 experts to give us their proven predictions of how bitcoin will perform in the future. First, let’s start with the latest news around Bitcoins, what we can learn from it for the future.


Bitcoin news is omnipresent. The revolution just started. Hence, it was for real revolutionary for the financial markets, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies became mainstream. Like any other cryptocurrency, Bitcoin can be exchanged or used to buy products and services. The ticker symbol BTC is now found everywhere, in all news around the globe.

Let us review the latest Bitcoin news in 2020, to see where the crypto giant is moving to:

Bitcoin Mining News — Farms are the Future

Bad news in 2020 for home miners. While so far it was possible to mine 1 Bitcoin a year. All you needed was a piece of hard- and software. Amateur mining was pretty common. In 2020 the game is changing drastically. Even hardware became more affordable, the power consumption of crypto mining became really heavy. Therefore, more and more people invest in mining pools. Professional Mining Farms have more computing power. Hence, a higher chance to solve block maths and become rewarded more often.

Bitcoin Price News — The Rally Just Started

As Forbes recently mentioned, Bitcoin’s Rally in 2020 seems to be more sustainable than before. While in the first half of 2019, BTC had some significant price gains. Later last year dropped down again and again. As retailers are more and more interested in offering Bitcoin payment, the rally started again. Between January and February 2020, the Bitcoin was gaining more than 50%. Maybe this is just the start of more investments.

Loss of Bitcoins — Sad News

The loss of Bitcoins is next to fraud, not just a serious issue. It can become very expensive as well. An Irish man lost £46m early this year. The man wanted to hide the codes of his Bitcoin fortune. Unfortunately, he didn’t use a hardware wallet. He chose the stupidest way to store cryptocurrency. His solution was to print the codes on a piece of paper. Finally, lost the paper. The codes are now missing, and the Bitcoin accounts cannot be accessed.

Analyzing Bitcoin on the wheel of fortune is tough. Who doesn’t want to know how cryptocurrencies will perform? No one can predict the future with certainty. But there is a slight tendency among crypto experts to positive growth. The main reason why the Bitcoin on the wheel of fortune looks great is the following fact:


The main reason behind the development of the Bitcoin blockchain was the aim of humans of having financial freedom, privacy, and security. With that said: The human race will never let it happen that cryptocurrencies will disappear again.

Man strives for freedom. Especially when others try to exclude them or to prevent them from increasing their own wealth. Governments, banks, and other institutions tried hard to exclude certain people from gaining wealth. If a system tries to exclude or discriminate certain people, then there are always ways around this system. That’s why new technologies like Blockchain make it easy for us. But now, let’s hear what experts saying about bitcoin in the future.

Bitcoin Price in the Future

The Bitcoin price in the future will be higher for sure. If one takes the majority of all expert opinions, this conclusion simply falls. The only big question mark is: What will be the Bitcoin price in 2020? And what should we expect for the Bitcoin price in 2030?

Bitcoin Price in 2020 — Predictions by 10 Experts

1. Dr. Nouriel Roubini says $0

The American economist Nouriel Roubini, also called Dr. Doom, is one of the biggest critics when it comes to cryptocurrency. Last summer, he tweeted a statement from US President Donald Trump. “Donald Trump is right to say that cryptocurrencies have no fundamental value!”. Lately he became very quiet. One reason might be, that only precious metals have real fundamentals. It is all too often concealed that our stock markets live on fantasy.

2. Peter Schiff says $1k

Goldbug trader and US economist Peter Schiff stated, that the US stocks as well as the BTC will drop soon. But Bitcoin will fall even much faster, he said. Those kind of comments are common. Meanwhile, since the price charts have changed, it might be just one of the overall critics when it comes to Bitcoin.

3. BitMex predictions from $2k to $15k

BitMex research is part of their derivatives exchange. Their estimate around -30% and +75% makes a lot of sense. The market dominance of the Bitcoin will always support owners and traders. Furthermore, 2021 could be the year when the Chinese government will shutdown BTC mining. Then 1 million coins will hit the market. Hence, everyone is getting prepared for such an event.

4. Andy Cheung says $14k

Andy is the head of operations at OKEx, THE Chinese Crypto Exchange giant. His prediction is based on the fact that cryptocurrencies have changed the financial landscape. 2020 and years after, we will see huge expansions of global payments. While these are not coming from legacy banking institutions. The Bitcoin has shifted the way we look at all assets. If the bitcoin get listed at the US ETF by the end of this year, it might be the catalyst to push the Bitcoin even over $14,000.

5. Altcoin Daily prediction is $20k

According this popular and very influencing YouTube channel, there will be a Bitcoin rally this year. While 2021 and 2022 will be followed as an Altcoin season. Sure, their main reasons lack a bit, it is also interesting that their prediction is based mainly on the first half of the year. While all other experts believe that the real action will occur in the second half.

6. Fundstrat value prediction over $25k

Tom Lee, member of Fundstrat, the Bitcoin lions on Wall Street, predicted that the Bitcoin could reach $25,000 soon. In 2019 he’s forecast was $40,000 but he revised his opinion in 2020.

7. Peter Brandt says $50k

Peter is a chartist. He became very popular among analysts. December 2019 he posted two very interesting charts on Twitter. Stating, that Bitcoin has apparently held at important support. Meaning, the BTC will rise from $6,800 straight up to $50,000.

8. Antoni Trenchev stating $50k

As co-founder of Nexo, the giant in crypto lending, Antoni knows what he’s talking about. He told Bloomberg, that a $50,000 price level is more than possible by the end of 2020. The reason behind his statement is, that we see Bitcoin as the new gold and rallying on par with gold.

9. PlanB value statement is $55k

PlanB is the creator of the stock-to-flow valuation model. The $55,000 prediction is based on the fact that negative interest rates, predatory governments and institutional investors seeking for the best performing asset. For the last 10 years this was the Bitcoin. To reach this value, a market value of $1trn Bitcoin is needed. As many billionaires hedging against quantitative easing, this target seems to be possible to reach.

10. Fran Strajnar finally says $200k

Fran is co-founder and CEO of Brave New Coin. He’s always very optimistic when it comes to bitcoin future value predictions. He believes that BTC will reach $200,000 in 2020.

Bitcoin Price in 2030 — Predictions by 5 Experts

1st Value Prediction from $41k to $333k

China’s first exchange CEO Bobby Lee said, it will take 20 years for the BTC to reach $1 million. In his future price prediction the value will increase in 2020 and reach $333,000 in 2021. Then the Bitcoin will fall back to $41,000 in 2023.

2nd Price Prediction is $320k

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are the twin stars in the cryptocurrency market. Together, they have gained more than $1 billion net wealth by BTC. Cameron’s last statement showed a real buying signal. “If you look at a $100 billion market cap and now more like $200 billion, there is a growth potential of 300 to 400%.”

3rd Expert Prediction says $500k

Mark Yusko was a Bitcoin skeptic for ages. Now, as CEO and CIO at Morgan Creek Capital Management, he saw that Bitcoins hyper-bullishment is ongoing. He’s short term prediction is set on $100,000 and $500,000 by 2030. Also Mark Yusko believes that Bitcoin will reach gold equivalence, focusing on venture capital.

4th Bitcoin Price Prediction in 2030 is $700k

John Pfeffer is partner at Pfeffer Capital. He always back up his predictions with mathematics. John’s statement was straight forward: “Bitcoin becomes the dominant non-sovereign store of value. The new gold or new reserve currency.”

The 5th Value Prediction goes beyond $1m

As we could list more experts predicting a price value between 0 and 1mio USD, we’d like to share John McAfee’s thoughts. John is a very controversial figure within the crypto market. He recently stated that Bitcoin is an ancient technology and is our future for sure. Furthermore, he strongly believes that other FIAT currencies will devalue which supports the growth of the Bitcoin.


As we heard price predictions from 15 experts, we’d like to take the opportunity to share our thoughts as well. So what will happen to the Bitcoin in 2030? What the Future of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies?

One thing is sure! Crypto technology will define our life in the future. We will be able to earn, save, spend and trade cryptocurrencies as we like. Easy and simple. New application developments are already implemented.

UBS, the leading Swiss investment bank replaces Sergio Ermotti with Ralph Hamers as their new CEO. Ralph is well know as the former CEO of the dutch ING bank. But Ralph is even better known as THE digital banker. Seems like the rather dusty Board of Directors at UBS has finally noticed in which direction the blockchain technology is moving us. Lower costs and clients freedom to use Bitcoin instead over-regulated FIAT currencies leave traces everywhere.

Our prediction of what will happen to the Bitcoin in 2030 is quite clear:




We’ve talked a lot about the Bitcoin. What about about other cryptocurrencies. Let’s have a look into the future of cryptocurrency in general.

Generally, all cryptocurrencies relying heavy on the Bitcoin. If we look into price charts of Litecoin, Ether or EOS, then we see similar price developments. If the Bitcoin goes up, the others go up too. If the giant drops, so do the others.

It also seems that other cryptocurrencies do not offer real advantages to average clients. 10 minutes waiting time for a referral of payment doesn’t seem to bother most people. New cryptocurrencies come onto the market almost every month. Akoin is just one we’d like to mention. So the future of cryptocurrency is bright, very bright in fact.

Is Cryptocurrency Really the Future?

As stated before, we really believe that cryptocurrency is the future. We’ve just mentioned a new crypto asset released. It’s called Akoin. The Akoin was launched by superstar Akon, the Senegalese-American singer and recoding producer. The aim of the this new cryptocurrency is to build an ecosystem for African entrepreneurship. Enabling and empowering young Africans for a positive economic impact. Akoin is the currency of this fundraising ecosystem. It offers great potential for everyone to invest in Africa. A community that can build a strong and modern African economy.

Many ICOs failed but there is no doubt: Cryptocurrency is really the future. The last couple of years even conservative but powerful groups of investors found the way into cryptocurrency. The market share of Bitcoins became enormous. So, is cryptocurrency really the future? Absolutely!

What are your thoughts about the future of Bitcoin? Where do you see the future price of Bitcoin? Do you doubt that cryptocurrency is the future? Or do you agree with our expert predictions? Let us know what you believe and please leave a comment below. We love to hear from you!


Does Bitcoin have a future?

Absolutely! The Bitcoin reached a Market Cap of 175B USD. The daily trading volume of $40B shows that the community behind the Bitcoin is heavyweight. Therefore, the future of Bitcoin is bright.

What will happen to bitcoin in the future?

The Bitcoin may become the new Gold. As most experts agree, the market capitalization of the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies goes beyond old-fashioned investment options.

Why is bitcoin the future of money?

Bitcoin as other cryptocurrencies is giving you the freedom of how you hold and send your assets. No bank account is needed anymore. Meaning, everyone all over the world can own a crypto account. Limitless freedom.

What will Bitcoin be worth in 2020?

If we take the median of 10 experts predictions, the Bitcoin will reach $100,000 by the end of 2020.

What will Bitcoin be worth in 2030?

If we take the median of 5 experts, then the future value prediction of one Bitcoin will reach $500,000 in 2030.

Is bitcoin safe and legal?

Bitcoin is legal but never safe. As any other currency, the value of Bitcoin is volatile. Actually, very volatile.

Will China accept Bitcoin in the future?

China is trying hard to regulate the cryptocurrency market. Nevertheless, Blockchains, the technology behind the Bitcoin, can not be controlled due to its peer-2-peer network.

What awaits Bitcoin in the future?

Bitcoin will see increased competition of many other cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, Bitcoin is the main leading asset in the crypto market. Therefore, Bitcoin might become the new Gold.

Bitcoin in the future reddit answers?

According to a majority of Reddit users, the Bitcoin will have a bright future. Most comments on Reddit showing, that consumers do trust cryptocurrencies more than any bank.

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