How to exchange Monero to BTC


Coins and tokens exchange becomes super easy with ChangeNOW, the leading instant crypto exchange service and Monero trading platform. The platform supports more than 160 coins and doesn’t require to share any kind of personal info. This is how to exchange Monero to BTC in 4 easy steps.

How to exchange Monero to BTC in 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose your cryptocurrencies
  2. Enter the recipient address
  3. Confirm your transaction
  4. Make a deposit

Step 1. Choose your cryptocurrencies

Let’s start with the basics. The first thing to do is to go to ChangeNOW website’s main page. There, you want to find the list of supported currencies. Choose a coin to buy XMR with. To stick with the basics theme, let’s choose Bitcoin. Enter the number of Bitcoins that you are willing to trade and check in with our magical calculator. It will show you the estimated amount of Monero coins that you are going to get. Adjust the sum if necessary and press Next.

Step 2. Enter the recipient address

Proceed to the “Don’t have a crypto wallet yet?” option if you need to set up a new wallet that will support Monero. Then enter the address of the Monero wallet that will receive the exchanged XMR coins. After that, press Next.

Step 3. Confirm your transaction

Be careful on this step and check the entered info, especially the recipient address. Press Confirm. Bear in mind, that by pressing Confirm you are agreeing on the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of ChangeNOW platform.

Step 4. Make a deposit

On this page, you see the address of the wallet that will hold your deposited BTC coins. Please make the deposit manually or using a QR code. Done!

Step 5. Get NOW tokens!

To reward you for using ChangeNOW we encourage you to claim our NOW tokens! It is a special currency that we present to our customers to make the following exchanges better. With NOW tokens you can buy accelerated support or even special exchange rates. Please enter your ERC-20 ETH wallet address. We will send the NOW tokens there!

Hope you’ve liked this guide from ChangeNOW, a leading instant crypto exchange service and a Monero trading platform. Stay tuned for more guides and news on our blog!

Best Monero trading platforms


Cryptmixer is a cryptocurrency exchange from Sweden. In many ways, it owes its appearance to the trading platform Bittrex, which took an active part in the marketplace development. Some time after the appearance, Cryptmixer was bought by the Korean consortium Kakao, which also owns the messenger Kakao Talk and the payment system Kakao Pay.

Cryptmixer is one of the most famous trading platforms in the world. It is characterized by excellent liquidity and large trading volumes. Commissions on the service are small, only 0.005%. There is support for fiat currencies, although Cryptmixer only accepts Swedish won. This trading platform is popular among users who already have experience in trading cryptocurrencies. The service supports 6 types of coins and still growing.



Binance is a Chinese exchange that moved to Hong Kong after the change in the rules of regulation in China. Today, experts believe it is definitely the main trading platform of the market today. Binance is a recognized global brand with the largest trading volumes in the world. Despite this, there were no scandals with the service.

The number of supported cryptocurrencies on the platform is very large. That is why Binance is good not only for beginners, but also for users with extensive experience with cryptocurrencies. The level of safety on Binance is also great. There is a large number of tools to protect user accounts. In addition, the service established a special award for people who report planned hacker attacks. Binance is a constantly developing service, thanks to which it maintains the leading position.

In fact, the only serious drawback of Binance is the lack of support for fiat currencies. But given how dynamically the service is developing, it is possible that there will be such an option in the near future. In addition, sometimes there are questions about the quality of translation.


Kraken is one of the oldest cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world. It has been working since 2011, and over the years, it managed to gather quite a large audience. The reputation of the service is excellent, there were no serious hacks. Therefore, Kraken can definitely be recommended as one of the best options to buy Monero.

The number of trading pairs on Kraken can be of interest to investors with any experience. The offer here is really great. There is a possibility of margin trading, customers can use leverage, which facilitates the work with cryptocurrencies. Kraken safety is proven by experts. For this purpose, a cryptographic audit was conducted. In addition, Kraken has a special verification system that allows the user to provide information about himself gradually.

However, the verification is still obligatory. This is a prerequisite for working at Kraken. Without passing the first level of identification, users can’t access even the basic functions, such as the replenishment of the trading account, for example. In addition, only English is available in the interface, so users from other countries may have some difficulties.

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